Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Glimpses of Spring

Another lovely day here in northeast Kansas and Spring keeps shining through the cracks in Winter.
I found winter aconite buds today, brilliant yellow buds before the foliage appears. It is growing three or four feet from where I planted it a couple of years ago.
Returning with full pollen bags (on rear legs).
 Funny how that happens.

The daffodil and tulip leaves discovered a few days ago are a bit taller and I found crocus leaves, at last.

A visit to the hive early in the evening revealed that "the girls" had been out and about today, not wasting a moment of the warm weather (unlike me). Some were clustered around the hive entrance as others arrived laden with their bounty. Many, many of them had full pollen bags. Something is in bloom!

The weather changes tomorrow -- colder, with a promise of rain and/or snow. Ah, well. I know where Spring is shining through the cracks.

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