Friday, July 20, 2012


Patience is a virtue.
Especially when it comes to melons.
But it is hard, especially when it comes to melons.
Is it ready yet?
....Now is it ready?
..........How about now?

How do you tell when a watermelon is ripe? When it sounds hollow?
They all sound the same to me.
I usually look for a large "butter yellow" spot where the melon rests on the ground and wait for the tendril on the vine right next to the melon's stem to dry up.
But the yellow spot on this beauty has gotten smaller, and is almost gone. The tendril is finally beginning to dry.

I cut one the other day that had a large yellow spot on the bottom, but the tendril was green. The granddaughters were here and I was hoping to give them a treat. But nooooo... The inside was completely green.

I am sooooo looking forward to these watermelons.
Blacktail Mountain watermelons. They aren't huge melons, but there are quite a few of them. I hope they don't boil in this heat. I keep watering... I keep waiting... I keep watching.

Looking for information on how to tell when Blacktail Mountain melon is ripe. "Look for the yellow spot on the bottom. Wait for the tendril to become completely dry... then wait a few days more."


Patience is a Virtue.
But it's hard,
especially when it comes to waiting for watermelons.


Meggie said...

Hi Sandra....I know exactly how you feel about "is it ready". I wasn't sure when to pick the Kabocha Squash I had growing earlier this year in the garden. By the way, I have a new follower, "A Garden Newbie". Check her out....she writes some cute post...and is just learning about gardening.

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Hi Meggie, So did you pick the Kabocha Squash at the right time?
I will check out the newbie.