Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spider Web Moon

One cool, misty morning in August we awoke to find our little piece of paradise draped with dew-covered spider webs.
They were everywhere. Large ones spanned spaces between cedar trees. Small ones filled in between branches on tall weeds.
The effect was breathtaking and beautiful.
We were headed out on some errand in town, but took the time to go back and get my camera. I tried distance shots and closeups from various angles, trying to catch the light and backgrounds so that the webs were at their most visible.
August is always filled with spider webs. In the trees. In the grass. I call the August full moon Spider Moon, or Spider Web Moon. You can tell that it is August here when the webs are everywhere.
The webs usually are not very visible, though. I often find myself walking through webs in the garden, pulling the sticky strands from my face and arms.
But when the air is cool and a heavy dew falls, they are plainly visible, transforming the landscape into something wondrous.

I don't know what species of spiders made these webs, but they are artists through and through.
Tools can be beautiful and these spiders teach us the artistry of necessity, the strength of beauty and the beauty in strength.
Merry meet Grandmother Spider

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