Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

One set of footprints upon the snowy trail,
Whose might they be?
Snow falls upon them, unconcerned
About the answer.
Who or what is not the question.
Soon the snow will cover the footprints.
No one will know that anyone has passed.

The trees stand naked but unshivering
As the icy crystals fall.
They raise their branches to welcome it,
Drinking in the beauty.

Snow covered rosemary.
Snow whispers sweet nothings
To the earth as it blankets her in white,
Hiding wounds and scars.
She is once again a beautiful maiden, pure and chaste.
Snow blankets the world in quiet,
A soft, gentle quiet.
The silence comforts and soothes.

I stand in awe, for however long
As the birds come and go from the feeder,
Titmouses (titmice?), chickadees,
Snowbirds and a cardinal or two,
Chirping and buzzing
In their talk,
Wondering if I am a danger or not.

I guess they decide that I am no danger,
For they flit and flutter
Between the balls of peanut butter and
A chickadee dining on peanut butter and sunflower.
Sunflower seeds and the branches of
The tree. "Be quick, be quick
If you want a pic," they say.

At last I abandon the walk.
Indoors, snowmelt drips off
The hood of my coat.

A cup of tea by the fire,
Watching the birds at the feeders,
Pretty red cardinals bright
Against the snow and evergreens.

A snow-covered turtle for my friend. (you know who
you are)

A cardinal couple.

Pretty snowbird.


The next few days will be a test for the lettuce nestled beneath the plastic tunnel. Late last week I picked clean one more bed, so only one is expected to feed us now. I put an old comforter directly over the lettuce, which is surrounded by hay. The plastic cover was put back over the hoops and sheets and blankets thrown over that. The temperature fell to 6 degrees last night, but the lowest temperature under the snow-covered tunnel was 32 degrees. A tolerable temperature for lettuce. That was without turning on the lights. The weight of the snow has the tunnels sagging, so I am afraid the lights might be touching the comforter. The next two nights will be below zero. The watch is on.
Where are the low tunnels sheltering living lettuce in this picture?

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