Saturday, April 9, 2011


Tulips and a new granddaughter.
It's April.
But it felt like June today.
And with all the heat and "breezy" conditions, things are drying out.
We had frequent rains for a while, but they did not amount to much actual precipitation.
Now I wonder if we will fill our two catchment tanks (1,500 gallons each), although they are now cleaned and hooked to the gutters. I wish we would have done that a month ago.
Oh well, it is still April, which tends to be on the rainy side (let's hope, for the sake of my pea seedlings and the buffalo grass we had planted this past week).
The tulips are just now blooming, so it must only be April.
The chance for thunderstorms tonight has been greatly reduced and taken out of Sunday's forecast altogether.
So my hopes are riding on the 50 percent chance forecast for Wednesday.
Unless I hear thunder tonight, I will need to unroll the garden hose to make sure the kale and brocolli plants, as well as the 250 onion seedlins I set out three weeks ago survive.
It's only April.
And the tulips are blooming and we have a new granddaughter.

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