Monday, May 2, 2011

Bringing in May with a Brrrr!

Mayapples in our woods.
So, it is the second day of May and I wake to frost on the car windows, even though the thermometer says 35. I hope the frost blanket over the tomatoes was enough to protect them. I will check them this afternoon, when they have had time to assimilate the effects (if any) of the frost. The frost will just make the collards and kale sweeter. The blackberry and raspberry buds were still tightly closed last time I looked, so they should be fine. Last night, I noticed more asparagus of a pickable size, although I had just been a picking that morning. I don't know how susceptible they are to light frost. Guess I will find out.

I will check all those things later. Now I've got to throw on heavy work clothes to head down below and work in the orchard. A couple of neighbor girls (teenagers) are coming to help me weed and feed and mulch. By "neighbors," I mean that they live within two or three miles of us. The term is used differently in the country than in the city. One girl is saving to buy a horse and the other wants money for a trip to France. They get to start their job here on a very chilly morning.

The forecast declares we'll have patchy frost again tonight. After that, the weather looks more May-like. I hope it sticks.

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