Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Garagekeeping

Getting organized.
For three days this week we (hubby and I) cleaned the garage!
Yay! Cheers and huzzahs! Sparklers and ticker tape!
No, wait, forget the ticker tape. I just cleaned that.
After three winters of "intending to get to" the garage and clean and organize it, we have finally done it.
Not completed, but made major headway.
New shelves. Purdy!
My husband built another set of shelves, using up a good portion of the lumber that had been piled in the center of the garage. I sorted things into "to keep," "to sell," and "to take to the landfill" piles. (Some stuff had to be pried from my hands. What? You can't see how many different ways this piece of string can be used?)

The shelves are level!
We took some stuff to a small shed at the bottom of the hill. My husband now has a workbench and workspace.

All of the tools are more or less in one location! No more searching the entire garage for a screwdriver! (This is a big deal to me.)

Tomorrow we will do more work. I will stack things on the new shelves. Maybe we'll get a sturdy box built in which to keep all of our kindling. We won't be done by the end of the day on Saturday, but we will be able to put the tractor and at least one vehicle in the garage. And we won't be embarrassed to let people into our garage.

Next week I will head to the landfill with the unsalable junk and take old antifreeze to the county's household hazardous waste disposal site. Items are gradually being posted for sale. If we lived in town, I'd throw it all out on the lawn and have a garage sale. Oh well.

Once it's done, the real trick will be to keep it organized. It is way too easy to "just set it here temporarily," then never get things put "away." I just won't let that happen. No I won't.

Stuff still to be dealt with. Only some of it is junk.

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Andrea said...

Well Done!!!! nothing beats a clean garage and doing it together you will both know where everything is, i can't find a thing in ours!!