Thursday, April 25, 2013

Uphill Climb to Spring

Meadow anemones kissed by rain.
It's not really supposed to get down to 25 degrees F. in late April -- even in northeast Kansas. Sure, we can get mildly freezing temps, even after the average last frost date (it's only an average, not a rule, after all). But 25?

Yet that's what the forecast said for Tuesday night. Bah! Humbug! When will it really be spring?

I trundled out sheets, blankets, buckets and tubs to put over broccoli and those gorgeous tulips. I hunkered down and waited. It seemed interminable. My heart was heavy. So beautiful and green outside. I imagined that the next scene would be one of devastation, everything singed and brown...


On Wednesday morning, with sunlight streaming, I looked out upon a beautiful, green landscape. Nothing seemed to have felt the touch of freezing temps. I removed all the protective contraptions and the gardens returned to business as usual. Sigh of relief.

Today promises to be another gorgeous day, full of sunshine and even warmer than yesterday.

So why am I sitting inside typing on my computer?

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