Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter's last bite?

Eight degrees Fahrenheit at the moment, with no hope of it getting much higher today. Fifteen degrees will be the high, according to the National Weather Service, with another shallow dip below zero tonight.

For the past few days I have gone to the NWS site for relief from the cold (don't really mind the snow that much). According to NWS, the temperature will finally break the freezing mark on Wednesday, for the first time in what seems like forever, but probably isn't as long as it seems. By Saturday and Sunday, the high will almost make it to 50 degrees F.

We'll all be out dancing in our bathing suits, throwing slush balls and finding mud holes in those temperatures, after this long, drawn out much-too-cold-for-February spell. I look at the forecast and feel a clamp release from my heart and a weight lift from my shoulders. Yes yes yes. Perhaps spring will come again.

The broccoli and kale seeds I planted in pots last week have little green sprouts and this week, I star the eggplant and peppers. And the cardinal count keeps going up. Hubby counted 12 males yesterday. No window will be safe come nesting season.

Once the snow melts, I'll be out looking for bits of green in the gardens. Perhaps it won't be long and I will see a snowdrop, such as the one picture above from last spring. Then the flowering season begins.

You can put a roadblock in front of spring, but you can't stop it.

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