Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shadows of Spring

Wind shaped the snow around the lavender and stones.
If the groundhog didn't see his shadow here yesterday then he was just snowblind.
Birds brave the blizzard.
After a snowy, blowy Tuesday, Wednesday was gorgeous and sunny. Of course, you know that means we'll have a whole month and a half of winter yet, while those lucky blokes who were still in the thralls of Mother Nature's furry have just six weeks until spring.

It's another sparkly day here on Cedar Springs Farm, Kansas, and I've got to fill the bird feeders again. The birds hit them hard the last couple of days. They even braved the blizzard to have breakfast lunch and dinner. Anyone who thinks those little birds are delicate should have watched them in the blowing snow.

The low hit 9 below before sunrise this morning. But spring is coming and soon I will start the eggplants and peppers. For now, however, it's another log of hedge on the fire.

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