Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring is peeking

Daffodil leaves test the air, promising sunshine yellow flowers.

Spring is peeking out from beneath the gray blanket of winter. Mild temperatures this past week have made it seem possible that spring will make an appearance at its appointed hour. Yesterday I went in search of signs that the crocus will arrive soon. No green blades of crocus leaves (where exactly are they all planted, anyway?) were apparent, but the tips of daffodil leaves and even tulip leaves had pushed up through the soil.

Big Contented Sigh.

This week's weather forecast is not terribly warm -- except for the 50s on Wednesday. But the cold is not nearly so deep as it was just a couple of weeks ago. Tiny seedlings of nigella and poppies, self sown last summer and fall, are sprouting in all the wrong places and early annual weeds, such as veronica and henbit, are putting out green. The search begins for the "weed" chickweed, an excellent early spring wild green.

Indeed, Spring's flirty eyes are peering out.

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