Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The turkey vultures have returned.
Here in Kansas they're also known as "turkey buzzards."
And they are back.

You know what that means.
It really is spring.

Vultures are a constant summer time presence in the skies above our hilltop farm.

Regardless of the revulsion you probably feel right now, I love them.

Ugly and ungainly on the ground, they are beautiful, pure poetry in the skies.

They play against the background of blue, riding the air currents. Swooping and rising...
Dancing with the wind. Silent and unflapping.

Here in Kansas they are as much a part of summer as heat and tornado watches. I only wish that my photos could convey the peace and poetry of their flight.
Another return... crocus.
The white crocus are in bloom, meaning spring progresses. First, the yellow crocus bud and bloom. Then the purple. Now, the white and soon the varigated ones.

The prairie anemone, aka pasque flower, has opened its purple blossoms.

And yesterday, when I planted nearly 300 little onion seedlings, I went barefoot in the garden.
Barefoot gardening has returned.
Yes, spring has returned.

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