Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow again

  When our last major snowfall blanketed us with several inches of snow, I vowed to take no more winter photos. However, when I saw flakes as big as saucers (only a slight exaggeration) falling today I had to snap a few shots, although they do not do justice to the scene.
  I was fussing over the seedlings on the light shelves when I looked out the window.
  Giant, giant snowflakes mixed with the rain. In the otherwise gray woods, a blush of red showed, indicating the trees were ready for blooming, leafing, growing. A distinctively Spring scene.
  The melancholy melody on the stereo seemed eerily appropriate. Chills went through me.
  This was the type of moment in which one must pause.
  Be here. Be now.
If you look closely you can see the blush of red in the branches,
signaling the return of sap in the spring.

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