Friday, October 14, 2011

Revival II

Black Krims of autumn.
The Black Krim tomatoes, which I almost decided not to plant again this year, have rewarded me yet again. This variety failed to dazzle the last few years and I would not have planted it again this year, except that I had leftover seed.

Not only did it offer an abundance of fruit during the summer, trickling in a few even during the highest heat of August, it has returned en force this fall. Through September, the Black Krim plants were hung with numerous beautiful shimmering green fruit. I thought I would be stuck with lots of green tomatoes come frost, with no more red ones. But that was not the case. Over the past week I have picked 24 pounds of Black Krims.

The Sun Gold tomatoes, which continued to provide a few all through the summer and fall, also have redoubled their fruiting efforts.

And the green beans...
I would have taken out the green pole beans long ago, if I had not been spending so much of my time watering. I thought the heat had done them in. But the weather cooled a bit and they started to revive. However, I got only a few beans at a time and many of them were dry and hollow. I decided they were not really worth keeping and would have taken them down had other things not been of greater priority.

In the past week, however, I have picked more than 14 pounds of green beans. Prior to the high summer heat and drought, I had harvested 20 pounds total.

Tomatoes and green beans to share, as well as more green beans in the freezer for later. Plus, the fall greens and lettuce are coming in strong. Now, if only the cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower would catch up and provide before winter sets in.

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