Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Snow on the sage.
Snow fell all day on New Year's Eve.

It was not a heavy snow, I cannot say that we had even an inch of accumulation. However, it was a wet snow, with above freezing temperatures most of the day. After dark the temperature dropped rapidly, freezing the dampness into ice.

We ended the year with a sauna with friends, but many fewer friends than anticipated, as more than half the guests (who were to arrive for a late sauna) cancelled due to deteriorating road conditions. So our New Year's Eve was quieter and eariler than usual. Into bed before 2013 struck.

The next day I went outside with a bucket of stuff for the compost heap.

Barefoot in the snow again.
My footprints made in an earlier snow, were softened, but not quite obscured by the newest layer. Fresh rabbit tracks, however, were everywhere. Up near the house, and tracking across open areas, and through the gardens. Bird tracks also were numerous. In some places, I saw the prints made by wing feathers brushing the snow.

No fresh deer tracks were apparent, however, only old tracks partly obscured by the new snow.

This morning, I found cat prints in the snow near the house, most likely our neighbors' cat, which I have seen wandering about.

A fresh snow.
A fresh start.
Happy New Year.

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