Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not so Sweet...

On the issue of honey again....

Saw this article about dangerously contaminated honey being illegally imported into the U.S. It is a long read, but worthwhile. The moral of this story is, "buy local honey." If you can't buy local honey, at least don't go for the cheap stuff. Spend more and support the companies putting out the effort to insure that they are getting honey from safe sources.

Here in America we expect cheap food. Yet that hankering for cheap food (so we can have lots of money to buy lots of other cheap crap that we don't need) has caused the quality of our food to deteriorate. Cheap food isn't always a good thing.

I understand that for many people, the issue isn't buying other crap, but simply having a pay check that covers the food bill and the rent. Our policies, then, should be in finding ways to make sure everyone gets fed high quality food, not simply making it cheaper by rewarding companies that offer us food full of toxins.

Maybe subsidize vegetable and fruit growers? Maybe subsidize organic growers? Right now, the farm subsidies don't really go to those who produce food that goes directly to the consumers, but is often used as livestock feed or in highly processed foods, which are part of the reason for the epidemic of obesity and type II diabetes.

As consumers, we vote with our wallets. Don't buy the cheapest honey from companies that don't care what's in the honey. If we must occasionally go without something because safe stuff is unavailable or doesn't currently fit into the budget, then we must. If we want safe food, we, the consumers, must take action. Spend more on your food and less on dust collectors.

Rant over. Stepping off the soap box... for now.

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Meggie said...

I'm very lucky to have "local honey". I always buy extra, to help support his business. Then I give it as gifts !!