Thursday, March 1, 2012

(Almost) Daily Green

A purple crocus has arrived! The season moves on. Next the variegated and white crocus will bloom, then the daffodils.

The March winds arrived a day early yesterday... but then it was Feb. 29. Isn't that really March 1?

It was difficult to stand against the wind sometimes as we pruned and trained and mulched and expanded the deer cages around three more apple trees yesterday. The Tydeman's Late Orange apple trees were both perplexing (one yesterday, another a few weeks ago). That variety seems to tend to grow in strange ways. We also worked on a William's Pride and a Grime's Golden yesterday. William's Pride was a very nicely shaped tree, with well-spaced laterals. Its fruit does not keep long, however, so that will be the apple we must eat up first -- whenever we let the trees start producing.

Until tomorrow -- or the next day...
Dew on a poppy seedling.


Meggie said...

The purple is so vibrant!. We have winds too. Last week I worked outside all day with gusts up to 40mph. My apple trees are only two years old. I'm afraid I know nothing about correctly pruning fruit trees. Any tips?

Sandra M. Siebert said...

We are relying on the wisdom of others -- two books -- "The Apple Grower," by Michael Phillips, and the American Horticultural Society "Pruning and Training." The Extension office also has information on pruning fruit trees.
The key thing to look at is creating a good framework and enought space that sunlight reaches leaves throughout the tree. Don't be afraid to cut, but don't get carried away. Pruning done in the winter invigorates growth, while summer pruning will help control growth. Just be with the tree. Good luck.