Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The apricot tree is in full bloom and full buzz.
Coming in for a landing.
I noticed the blooms this morning and went out to see what was going on. Honey bees are having a fine time harvesting pollen and nectar. I hope this means lots of apricots later on.

It feels more like May than March... sunny, breezy and 83 degrees. The frogs are singing. The chickadees are calling back and forth in their spring mating ritual. The daffodils and narcissus are splashing sunshine all over the garden.

Look at those full pollen bags!
The cabbage, kale and brussels sprouts seedlings have been living outdoors full time for the last few days and they get bigger every day. Next week, when I hope to be able to put a bit of weight on my broken foot, I will plant them in the garden, along with some lettuce starts and maybe even the celery. I just hope we don't get a surprise freeze.

The elderberries are showing bits of green and the blackberries are starting to put on some leaves. The parsley is greening up and the elm flowers have given way to green leafy stuff.

Spring may have arrived plenty early, but I am not concerned about the warm weather. I have seen unusually warm springs turn into cool and damp summers. I am looking at this as an extra long growing season.

No sense in anticipating something bad, just Enjoy it!

Narcissus nodding in the wind.


Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

Awesome photo of the bee coming in for a landing! The rest of the flower photos are gorgeous as well! I have tried to photograph bees before and it is not easy...they are so fast! I am off to read more of your blog....

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Thank you, Layne. Having a really good camera helps a lot. I can shoot something a little distance away, and if I had the focus right, I can blow it up to make it look like I was really close. And patience helps. Sometimes I just focus on a flower for a while and hope one of the little buzzers lands.