Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Interrupted

Rain today. I can see it out the window, falling lightly from a pale gray sky. The fire in the stove warms me, a hot cup of green tea is at my side, the laptop is in my lap. I feel quite cozy and loved.

The rain will delay some of the spring chores a bit, but tomorrow's weather will be sunny and in the 70s. Tuesday is supposed to hit the 80s. So that delay won't be as long as the possibly broken bone in my foot.

While dancing this morning I did a leap and spin that I have done many times before. The dancing felt easy and fluid, my soul was rising... this was not a time when I expected to make a serious misstep. However, I came down wrong and I heard a sharp crack in my foot. I felt no immediate pain, and even now, after icing it well I feel no pain, but I cannot stand on my foot. Tomorrow I will try to see an orthopedist and get a verdict. Regardless of whether some broke or tore or whatever, I won't be dancing, shoveling or doing much walking for a while. Since it is my right foot, even driving will be an issue.

Forced inactivity at this time of year is quite frustrating. So much to do, so much to see. The daffodil buds I posted a photo of earlier are now in full bloom, but I did not shoot them yesterday and cannot get out there today. So no new daffodil photos. I didn't want to post without at least one photo, so I am sharing the one above of santolina and other lovelies from last summer. Looking at the sundrenched garden in bloom is soothing.

Nothing for me to do now but consume bone nourishing herbs and foods and avoid further injury of the foot. Then wait... I should be able to get around well enough in a couple of weeks to put the cabbages and such in the ground. And since my husband has started a new job that will allow him to be home much more, I won't have to go it alone. My blessings are too numerous to complain about this little interruption.


The Harried Homemaker said...

I hope your foot isn't broken and that all is well soon. This is a very tough time of year to be off your feet.

Do you by chance ever give tours of your garden for locals?

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Thank you. I am willing to give tours to anyone who wants to find their way out here. Send an e-mail to the e-address listed under About Me (and be patient, I don't check that one as frequently as others)and we can set up something.

Meggie said...

I hope all is well with your foot/ankle. It is never a good time to be off your feet. Spring is such a busy time for us who live in the country. Keep us posted on your trip to the doctor.

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Thank you. Unfortunately I won't be able to see a doctor until late afternoon on Tuesday. Will probably get some crutches today to make getting around a little easier. Hopping on one foot is tiring.