Friday, July 13, 2012

Raindrops Falling on the Laundry

Raindrops on marigolds.
The laundry out on the line is getting wetter by the minute.

Giggle and happy dance.

Raindrops on black eyed pea blossom
That means it is raining. It rained most of the morning and at nearly 2 p.m. may be just about to end. I don't know. Looking at the radar all morning I thought it would be done by noon.

Yay! Giggle. Dancing in the rain.

It has been a light rain and won't amount to much. I will be back at the watering tomorrow, most likely, especially since the high will be at or nearly 100 every day for the next week. But right now, the temperature is 69 degrees. It has not been above 73, so far (although the forecast high is in the mid-90s).

Once the rain stops, the clouds will clear and it will be hot -- and most definitely quite humid -- and the laundry will dry. But what a wonderful vacation from July. Damp and cool for half a day. I felt much more optimistic about a fall garden as I planted broccoli seeds in little pots this morning.

Yes, it can rain in Kansas. One day it will be enough.
Raindrops on melon leaves. Raindrops!

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