Monday, July 30, 2012


Seven vultures a sittin' in a tree...
Oh my goodness
Are they a lookin' at me?

I was just beginning to water the strawberries this morning when my husband called out...
"Come look at this dead tree!"
He had been on his way to water the fruit trees and had stopped the truck, before diving down the hill, to holler at me.
"Dead tree?" I wondered. "What dead tree?"
I knew he wouldn't call me if something interesting were not afoot. So I set down the bucket and headed to the driveway.
Oh. THAT dead tree. The tree was such a familiar part of the landscape, I'd forgotten about it. But it had a very picturesque group of vultures sitting in it. Reminded me of a movie, when the hero(ine) is in a dire situation. Or sort of like the haunted forest in "The Wizard of Oz."
An appropriate scene for this desert-like drought we're in.
Unusual though, as we usually see our vultures soaring and diving above us. Casting their shadows on our souls.

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