Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Hoping...

Gifts of the land.
I took a deep breath and put the baby brussels sprouts in the ground today. As I planted a gray cloud covered the entire sky, keeping the temperature in the 80s all morning. Even though no rain fell, it was a blessing. The little brussels sprouts did not get scorched on their first day out. It did hit 100 around 4 p.m., but oh well.

After I planted the babies, I watered well, not just the plants, but the whole bed. I went over it several times with a sprinkler head, letting the water soak in. Then I put a nice layer of straw mulch over the whole thing, making it extra thick around the plants, and dampened the straw. Shade cloth over the bed will protect the babies from both the intensity of the sun and cabbage-eating bugs.

I have been in melon heaven for several days now, as both the watermelons and cantaloupes are ripening faster than I can eat them. Nothing better on a hot, hot day, than a cold, cold and juicy and sweet melon.

I also recently harvested grapes. Yes, Grapes! I planted the vines just last year, and I did not intend to let them bear. However, I missed a few of the tiny bunches on one vine, and decided to let them mature. I couldn't help myself. I am glad that I had a taste of this Heavenly Blue Grape. They are indeed heavenly. My husband is suggesting building another trellis for yet another Heavenly Blue vine.

Slight chance for rain tonight and tomorrow, then again on Saturday. We've got to get some sometime.

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