Thursday, August 30, 2012


Early this week, the National Weather Service forecast put the rain chance at 20 percent on Friday and Friday night.
Unlike many such instances in the past, the chance has increased during the week (thank you, Isaac). Now it sits at 50 percent Friday, 60 percent Friday night and 60 percent on Saturday. Rain gear will be necessary for camping.
My dilemma? Do I do the planned watering today (which includes cabbages, etc. just planted last week) or trust that sufficient rain will fall over the next two days, when I won't be able to water?
I certainly have more than enough tasks to fill my day without the watering chore.
What would you do?


ChuckB said...

Hello. Just discovered your blog and curious how you solved your delimma about whether to water or to wait for nature to take care of it. Being in California water is available, but it's expensive, so it's always of interest how others might accomplish the task. I might add that here we get little if any rain at all between the months of March and December. Chuck

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Hi ChuckB, Welcome.
I solved the dilemma by watering a couple of easy things and waiting. I was rewarded with 1.25 inches of rain on Thursday. Which meant camping in the rain for a day and sleeping in a leaky tent one night, but it was worth it.