Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another week begins: Mid-afternoon and 100 degrees, down from 103.

And no rain last night in spite of all the ruckus.
The storm ripped in two as it reached us, part going south, part going north.

Ah well. Another week of watering. We still have a total of 2,000 gallons in our tanks, so we can handle another week. However, this week I will fill the small tank that fits in the back of the pickup and start watering fruit trees.

That will diminish the water supply much more rapidly.
The gladiolous continue to bloom. Today I cut three stalks that included two new colors: this lovely magenta and demure pink. The cutting garden isn't as full as I'd like, but we have zinnias and gladiolous.

A small number of the sunflowers there also managed to make it past seedlinghood and are blooming. I hate to cut them, though, as today I saw a bumblebee on one, its pollen bags stuffed with sunflower pollen.

We started feeding our honey bees again today, because the natural nectar supply appears to be thin. We planted buckwheat and some other things to provide sustenance for them, but with the dry weather got little germination.

We've just got to hold on until it starts raining again.

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