Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sort of, anyway. It is 94 degrees at this moment, a full 10 degrees (or more) cooler than it was at 2:15 p.m. last Tuesday. It attempted to rain -- twice -- in the past couple of days, but did nothing more than dampen the surface. Would so love to see a good rain filling in the the giant cracks in the ground. A friend who lives just 20 miles away had a full inch of rain on Sunday. But I won't pout. Our turn is coming.

At least it is much cooler. It was positively lovely this morning. I can hear the land sighing with relief.

The bumblebees are busy at the squash blossoms (above). I have quit watering the squash, since our rainwater supply is so low and they are dispensible, but they keep going. The squash become quite wilted in the afternoon heat, but look perky in the cool of the morning. Everything is suffering, but some things just keep on going in spite of the dry conditions.

Plant life is so absolutely amazing.

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