Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still Hot

Melon vines spill over the side of the raised garden bed.
Nine-thirty in the morning and it is already 87 degrees. But I keep looking for positive things in the oppressive heat.
Pretty Prairie Petunias growing in the grass.

The red raspberries are trying to make a come back after getting some water.

Pale pink cockscomb celosia in the garden.

And okra blossoms mean... okra! Last year, okra and long beans were the two things that kept producing during the hot dry days of late July and August. That means some lovely okra curries. Mmm.

Bouquets from the garden in the bathrooms and kitchen. Granddaughter helping grandpa make buckwheat pancakes. Heading out to see other granddaughters in the evening. A 40 percent chance of rain tomorrow. It's all good.

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