Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Pickin' Time

This is our apple crop.
One lonely little apple.
Actually, this is quite a large apple and looks even bigger because it is on a small tree.
All of our trees are young and we didn't want them to produce this year, so any fruit that set was pulled off. We missed this one, however, and its mate, which fell off while still green.
For the last few weeks we have watched (from a little distance) as this apple got redder and redder.
Yesterday I got up close to check it out. It is an Arkansas Black, which the book says is harvested in October. But this apple looks done now.
From a slightly different angle. Isn't it pretty?
But it's not October, quite.
I don't want to pluck it too soon. Yet I don't want some greedy squirrel or raccoon stealing it.
After we pick it, we will wait several weeks to taste it, as Arkansas Blacks don't reach peak flavor until they have been in storage for at least a month. That means this will be our "keeper," the one we are dining on the following spring.
It's so beautiful. But it's not October yet.
But it's ALMOST October.
To pick, or not to pick.
What would you do?

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