Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daily Green

This morning I went out with bare feet and no jacket to look for new growth in the nettle patch, and here it is. Soon the wild weeds will supplement my garden fare, bringing a burst of nutrition and vitality to my diet.

Yesterday we spent all afternoon pruning and training one apple tree (sigh). Is that a sign that we are being too picky or that we were neglectful last year? This tree had more issues than some of the others, so I hope the rest won't take as long... Anyway, I found tiny bits of chickweed growing at the base of this tree. I love this fresh green wild herb, which is usually the first that can be harvested.

OK... I confess, we did deal with a second apple tree yesterday afternoon. But it took very little time and was quite a dramatic cut. The choice was between cutting it way back, or giving up on the tree entirely and taking it out. Whether it eventually stays or goes depends on its response to the dramatic pruning. I've already got ideas on what to put in its place... Is that bad?


The Harried Homemaker said...

Definitely not bad! We have a Montmorency cherry tree that we sadly neglected and now it has a case of gummosis. I'm going to baby it this year and see if I can get it healthy but it will probably end up getting replaced.

I'm interested in planting nettles for all the wonderful benefits they provide, but I'm nervous that they will take over. Any suggestions for keeping them semi-contained?

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Hi Harried,
Personally, I'd just plant the nettles where they can run. But if you don't have that kind of space, you could just try them in a large container, they shouldn't need a really deep one. Or, create a barrier in the garden. Bury rigid plastic or something several inches deep (I'd say 6 inches to be safe) and let it extend a couple of inches above the soil line. That should divert most of the runners.

The Harried Homemaker said...

Thank you! We have plenty of room really but I have heard that nettles spread like crazy. Since they are covered with those stingers, I want to be particularly careful to keep them in their designated place. :)