Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daily Green

At the store today we found Enterprise apples (organic, of course). We bought some because one of the trees that we trained and pruned yesterday was an Enterprise variety and we have not tasted them before. I have never seen them sold anywhere until today. This is a relatively new variety (introduced a decade ago or so), maybe the commercial orchards are only now getting sufficient production.
It is a tasty apple, sweet, but not super sweet, with just a little tart underneath. We are looking forward to tasting our own tree-ripened Enterprise apples.
Oh yes, my bare feet in the dirt this morning. I think it's time to be kind of spring...


The Harried Homemaker said...

We're planting three varieties of apples in March and Enterprise is one of them (the others are Gold Rush and Jonafree). Like you, I have never tasted one before. Glad to know they are good!


Meggie said...

I think my toes would have been a little chilled today. Our temps have dropped again. At least, one of my apple trees is in full bloom. They have only been in the ground for two seasons. My favorite apple is the Fuji.

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Fujis are wonderfully sweet apples, I love them, too. But from the reading we've done, we concluded that they would not do well in Kansas. We selected most of our trees based on their disease resistance -- and the reported flavor. As a result, we have Enterprise, Haralson and trees with names like Freedom and Liberty, as well as some really old varieties.

Good luck with your trees, Emily.