Friday, February 3, 2012

Rainy Day, Yay!!

Need I say more?
After all these weeks to finally hear rain falling on the roof was glorious.

Rain in the apricot tree.
Thunder woke me at just before 5:30 a.m. I vaguely remembered hearing distant thunder a little earlier, but the louder thunder rang an alarm in the practical part of my brain, warning me that my delicate electronics (the laptop and my sewing machine) could be in danger. The thought shoved me out of bed a slight bit before my body was fully conscious and I nearly fell out of bed.

Anyway, I was happy to fall out of bed to unplug things. Then I fed the fire and fell back into a lovely, contented slumber for a couple more hours.

I don't know how much rain we've gotten so far. I am sure I would be somewhat disappointed.

I take that back. My husband (who is feeling much, much better today, thank you) just checked the gauge. About 1 inch has fallen so far. And we've got more to come.

It is so wonderful to see gray sky and dampness all around. Raindrops hanging from the trees and puddling on the stones and driveway.

We won't see any high fire danger warnings today. No we won't. Nor tomorrow or the next day.

Since I won't be shoveling any dirt or anything else outdoors today, I decided to spend a little time playing with the camera. The amaryllis has two fully opened blossoms, and looks quite picturesque in the gray light coming through the windows.

Here is one of the blossoms, backlit by gray light, with a really soft focus.

Here is the other blossom, facing out the window. She seems contemplative, happily so.

And then, one final photo of rain puddled on a stone with sage overlooking.
Hope all your rainy days are happy ones.

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Meggie said...

I've had some rain too, in Texas. The first rain barrel that was installed last week is full of water.
Beautiful color on your amaryllis!