Monday, March 8, 2021

Spring Marches In



And Winter Aconite!

Pretty things to make it seem as if Winter is closing up shop. Crocus come back year after year. I keep saying that I will "plant more crocus this fall," and then it doesn't happen. But this fall, for sure.

The winter aconite is a pretty bit of sunshine that I planted years and years ago. It doesn't bloom in the spot that I originally planted it. When the first few blossoms broke through last week, I thought it looked as if it were diminishing. Then more and more popped up. I'll plant more of this, too, along with the crocus, and daffodils, maybe tulips again. I haven't had tulips for some time. Now when the earth is wakening and I feel my energy rising I am confident about getting those in the ground in six months' time. The first step is to get the bulbs. Often the middle of summer, when I need to order them, I can't get myself to put out the effort. Start sooner. I want more of these pretties. 

Oh, yes. A couple of snowdrops have decided to come back, too. No picture, though. But Yay! And on Saturday I planted peas, radishes, lettuce and turnips! (More on that later.)

Spring is marching in.

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