Thursday, June 7, 2012

Season in Motion

White tigers.
The summer moves on.
The tiger lilies are in gorgeous form-- early, of course. I so love tiger lilies, but have found it difficult to find the bulbs. When I finally got some a couple of years ago, I got a mix of colors. I really just wanted the standard orange tiger lily, but often can only find doubles or other colors. I am so glad I got the mix of four colors. Just look how gorgeous the white tigers (above) are. Or should I say White Tigresses (a nod to Kacey)?
And this beautiful red tiger lily.
The yellow and orange ones are not yet blooming. The plants might be struggling in their spot. We'll see.
The Asiatic lilies are moving through their colors.
They were all pink and pretty at first. As the pinks faded, the yellows moved in and took over. Now the eye-popping-orange Asiatics are opening their buds.

Last week we lost one of our apple trees. One of the best looking ones, too. It was one of the three William's Pride apples. I was picking berries west of the house, turned around to go pick gooseberries in the north garden and saw the tree lying on the ground. We'd had wind the night before, but didn't think it was THAT strong. The trunk broke a few inches below the surface of the soil, below the graft. It did not look rotten. Mysterious.
Yellow Asiatic lilies.

The trunk will be cut down and carved as a walking staff for my husband. Some of the branches will be utilized for some craft or another. I rescues a few of the best looking little green apples for one of my baked apple desserts. Sigh.

We have two more William's Pride trees. They also are lovely trees. William's Pride apples keep only a month or so, so they will have to be eaten up quickly, frozen or made into sauce or applebutter.

Orange Asiatic lilies

We picked all of the apricots today, leaning our tall apple ladder precariously on the slope where the apricot tree is planted. Most of the fruit was wormy, or rotten or otherwise not nice to eat. A few were not quite ripe, but looked worm-free. So they are ripening (I hope) in a paper bag in the pantry. Next year, we will have to take action against the fruit pests. I still have hopes for the peaches, though.

This past weekend I went to the Lawrence Food Garden Tour -- as many of the 21 stops as I could manage, anyway. I will post more about it later.

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Meggie said...

These colors are beautiful...the only ones I have ever had were the orange. What a shame about the apple tree. My winds are so strong through-out the year, that most of the fruit trees lean to one side.