Friday, June 29, 2012


Winter squash vines mixing it up.
Day 6: It was Hot today. Yada yada yada. Same old story.
Going to go back out this evening (now that it has dropped to a cool 94 degrees) and water a few things so I can go into town tomorrow morning and not worry about things dying of thirst.
Squash blossoms yawn in the early morning.

Was feeling a bit crabby this afternoon about nothing in particular (although probably it was the heat and the politics). Got better with a little dark chocolate and music.
Look at these lush squash vines. The mottled leaves belong to Musquee de Provence, a flattened pumpkin type. The plain leaves are Galeaux d' Eysines, a warty winter squash. Some squash bug damage is evident, but the vines are obviously thriving. Has the heat slowed the squash bugs, too???? Or have my strategies worked?

It is too early to declare success, though. Time will tell whether the bugs give the squashes time to mature.  Or whether the heat will take them down. Or whether giant hail stones smash them up or an early September frost does them in. Not counting my chickens... I mean, squashes, yet.

The watermelons have gone from golf ball size to baseball size in a couple of days. Can't wait! Well, I guess I have to.
This baby-faced Galeaux d' Eysines will eventually become all warty.

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